Qingdao analysis on the security door decoration

door material currently on the market there are many, from categories, iron doors, aluminium doors, stainless steel doors, copper doors, ranging in price from hundreds of thousands of Yuan, buy security doors must first understand the properties of various types of doors, choose their own price and acceptable.
, stainless steel security doors

-burglar resistance durable, stronger security. Relative to the common mixture of iron or steel security doors, stainless steel doors in addition to lasting vivid color and features that never rusts, and more importantly the uniqueness of the product decision. Cons: stainless steel security doors are white, so first of all give the impression that the appearance and the colors are dull, making people feel more stiff.
II, copper doors

worth noble bronze doors, beginning of a villa in recent years, office buildings and high-end public places, generally less individual users to use. Compared to current category material, copper doors should be one of the best materials. Its fire, tamper, corrosion-resistant, has excellent performance.
c, iron, steel security doors

on the common property, the developer configuration more iron, steel security door. This affordable product development first, most widely used, and used for a long time. The downside is: easy to corrosion, thus over time there will be rust, fade, will affect the appearance of the whole door. Styling lines hard, and modern home d├ęcor very uncoordinated.
four, aluminum security doors

metal doors because the material hardness is high, and beautiful color, so the door style look good, with pictorial decorations, revealing the palatial luxury quality. In addition, aluminum security doors for material reasons, are less prone to corrosion and discoloration. Disadvantages: some doors hinges are made of nails, cannot be demolished, doors and metal friction sound when noise and so on.