Qingdao decorated family refurbished the wall skills

a live long, white walls will begin to fade, is very old. When you feel old, need to repaint the walls. But there are many areas in need of attention in the process of renovation, small series below will give you some knowledge about wall renovation.
, the old wall of the basic
basic processing mainly refers to the removal of the old wall wall furnishings and decorations.
includes wall original paint and PuTTY eradication, wooden decoration and other surface ornamentation (like wallpaper) removed. If only a year or two are decorated walls, wall water resistant PuTTY can not completely eradicated, with wire brush and sandpaper can brush again after Wall emulsion paint. Decoration for a long time you need to PuTTY entirely eradicated, brush, Putty and then back to the other procedure.
two basic steps and walls refurbished

first step: clears the wall
the old walls in the wall base treatment must be done before the refurbishment, powder grave to be totally weeded out, after the Elimination of a layer of white cement. The original walls are too smooth, painted after eradication to be treated by the epidermis to remove adhesive is not strong, easy to paint and wall bond.
the second step: brushing primer
wall primer is the role of alkali-resistant damp-proof, sealed, protection of the substrate topcoat, improving the texture and hiding power of paint. For old house renovation, wall primers must be done, if there are no brushes paint primer directly above, over time wall blister easily, mold, Sun long also as easy to change color.
the third step: large area repair
has good paint walls to patching will be more trouble, prone to color, material use at different times, and cannot guarantee the quality, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.
wall repair is the best whole wall, or select a larger area to repair as much as possible, so you can avoid color difference, patched the quality is better.
fourth step: color
-proof wall color difference is to repair the walls need to try to avoid. To this end, the ratio of should pay attention to the instructions in accordance with the paint bucket, brush, the best estimate amount of good. A sufficient amount, so as to ensure that the walls the same color, can also avoid underuse redeployed out of the colors are different.
three, wall refurbishment considerations

ageing of water-resistant PuTTY material older than five years, at the time of the second decoration must be eliminated until the end of the wall, otherwise it will affect future construction wall latex paint quality and renovation of long-term results.
old house was of poor ventilation, xylene in the diluent ingredients will react with latex paint ingredients, lead walls yellow. Strengthening ventilation, open Windows and doors, or put a few fan to improve ventilation.
addition, in space at the same time, to find the wall features houses, decoration must not damage bearing walls, some not free demolition of non-load-bearing wall, otherwise it will seriously impact on the security.
load-bearing wall how to tell? generally rely on markings on the engineering drawings, construction drawing in the thick solid line and beam structures under non-load-bearing beam walls are load-bearing walls, and non-load-bearing walls is generally drawing to thin solid line or dashed annotations. In addition, it can tell based on the thickness of the wall, generally above 240MM of walls are bearing walls.
unable to distinguish between the thickness of the walls, but also load bearing walls, for example, external walls, and neighbors common wall, are easier to distinguish.
through the introduction of small series, you have prepared it? go to paint your walls, small so I wish everyone a happy life and success. Decorating knowledge please do focus more on Qingdao DeLong decoration.