Qingdao decoration floor color and furniture combination

color affects people's Visual effects, warm color expansion color, cool for contraction. In home environments, floor color determines our living environment comfortable. We want to choose what style of furniture, as well as how to display and match with the floor there is a close relationship, today introduces you to the next, color of the floor and furniture purchase you need to follow a balanced, allowing you to select the perfect combination of flooring and furniture together.
        1. light wood floor (white, yellow)

for small room environment, light wood flooring is a good choice, because of lack of space, resulting in limitations on the purchase of furniture and light floor in a small room will make the room look spacious, bright, furniture should be mainly light colors, such as white, Natural color, simple and idyllic small fresh decoration style is perfect for small spaces, and light wood flooring will give little room for more repression.
2, and in the color floor (yellow, and deep yellow)

in the color floor belongs to hundred take wind, regardless of is what color of furniture are can is good of fusion match, but in the color floor most for of furniture also is logs color or is dark furniture, because relative Yu white floor for, color more deep of in the color floor than white more can reflected out consumers of subject grade and comfortable sense, select logs color and dark furniture compared easy match and in Visual harmony degree Shang also more perfect.
3, and dark floor (Brown, and deep brown, and Brown,)

color is we on things of intuitive feel, dark of floor belongs to with telescopic visual effect of floor, so applies Yu big space housing, if live number compared less also can select, and match of furniture best don't select dark of furniture, because two a similar of color match in with will produced this for one of feel, reduced has level sense. Furniture appropriate color to white or natural color of furniture, which will contrast effects in the match, making more rational.