Tatami taboos of the small apartment decorating three

Tatami in more and more used in the bedroom, the most common is the tatami bed, tatami bed functionality greatly expanded compared to ordinary beds, not only can be used as a bed, also can be used as a meeting, a drink with my friends is the most pleasant thing, in addition to its large-capacity storage function is also commendable. Today we look taboo tatami bed.
a dark color, small apartment renovation tatami taboo
wall color choices should be based on relative bright colours as well, so as to give the spacious and bright visual effects. Small apartment in the choice of wall color is relatively difficult because space had limitations, small does not recommend high lightness and purity of tone, it is easy to give a Visual sense of squeezing, usually lower lightness and purity of gray is good.
b complex ceiling design, small apartment decorating tatami taboos
small-family-friendly, because of the low height, small size, rules of complex especially if you choose too ceiling, it is very easy to create space and a strong sense of oppression. Recommendation: for small apartment, should choose simple and thin ceiling designs, or don't do, and can also choose ceiling design of irregular, you can break the material, try some new material, you can stretch and full of ideas.
three, and small type decoration tatami taboo segmentation type ground decorative
small type home space this on very small, and some owners in tatami decoration Shi to highlights indoor of regional sense, often will with different material or color put all space ground segmentation from, even ceiling also and of match, backfired, actually this only will caused Visual Shang of disorder, even makes this on small of space looks more of crowded. Recommendations on the choice of colors on the ground in a uniform brightness slightly but slightly lower purity of tones and tone should be more important than furniture shades the ground, so as to avoid top-heavy vision errors. Also available through some small dot or line interspersed to break the original dull.