Service advantages

(a) brand:

      really a decoration design engineering limited headquarters are located in high-tech development zone, Hangzhou-binjiang district, sharing among people, one day well. There is a decorative applications "well-known trade mark" has entered the material phase, real decoration is expected to become the industry's first "well-known trade mark".
(ii) project management:
      real straight tube of decorating has always insisted on engineering mode, put an end to subcontracting the layers. All materials are delivered directly by the company, workers in company with, site management, responsible for quality and customer interfacing, do not need to consider cost-profit. So that you can better grasp of the construction quality of the site.
(c) advanced technology:
      real touch decorate to enhance people's quality of life and efficiency for the mission, carry the banner of the Office renovation revolution.
      real create decorative put Office space decoration is divided into six big industry, as: by thaw trade, and information technology, and medical health, and beauty makeup, and education training, clothing hats; six big function regional, as: front desk district decoration, and Office District decoration, and room decoration, and lounge decoration, and reception district decoration, and Manager room decoration; Office package, as: 288/square meters, and 388/square meters, and 588/square meters, and 888/ Square meters.
      compared with traditional decoration company, Office of integrated decoration is the product of professional Office decorating, has obvious advantages 4:
        1, process standardization: large machines instead of manual production
    &Nbsp;    2, shorten: the scene starts at the same time, the furniture factory production over the same period;
        3, enhance the decorating style: style, size is more unified, coordinated;
         4, building owners save money: buy low cost, high material utilization;
        5, Green: working on greatly reducing the paint, glue, effectively reducing construction waste.

(d) material:
      in order to enhance market competitiveness of shichuang decoration brand, to provide consumers with high quality, inexpensive decorative materials and convenient service platform in September 2013, shichuang decorative registration of Hangzhou OU Ning building materials Co Ltd was formally established.

(e) service projects completed by
real decoration in the next year as long as the non-artificial material or other issues. Call 4008270670, our project management staff receives the message within 24 hours of effective behavior and handling.
you from guerrilla "after completion does not sell" situation, Bo more assured after the sale.

(f) human resources:
       really create decorative after eight years of successful development, culture, produced a number of excellent designers and skilled team of workers. Shichuang decoration to the attention of talent never let up. For eight years, real decoration at a sizeable investment in personnel training funds. Establish learning teams, trained Bo HA human resource professionals is an important content of the construction.
(VII) Strategic Alliance:
      real decorative cross-industry strategic alliance has four levels of meaning, first brands together to create a win-win; the second is to expand the channels, sharing of resources; the third is market-oriented, public benefit IV is an industry platform, model pilot.

(h) eight major service:
    office furniture, air conditioning, access control, video conferences, Office monitoring, Office soft, Green Landscaping, after-sales service. All support services are factory door-to-door service.
price market, greater cost of saving owners.